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We are proud to be able to offer to you very handsome and very charming lakeside and bush cottages in Africa. Not South Africa. Never in South Africa! It is not safe in South Africa, no matter where you are, and what you are, or what you are doing. Bloody hell, the criminals are so blaze, they steal from each other, and they actually sell their very own family members for cash to obtain drugs and other mind changing substances!

But let us get back to the Cottages on offer. You need to visit the country where you intend to invest in a cottage. Take a long holiday there, and see if you like it. Then take some of your mates there. Thing is, you are going to rent your cottage at your rates to the people you select and approve of. You charge what you think is a good rate, and then sit back and collect on your investment of $105,000.00

This is how it works.

When you and I agree, we shake, sign, and start the process.

20% Down, the balance split and spread over as many years as you can afford. Prefrably not longer than five years, else both of us forget what we are selling and what we are buying.

Right, so now all you need to do, is grab your family, book a holiday at any lakeside destination in Malawi, see and taste the lie of the land, come back full of zest and hungry for a cottage if your own.

Or at any of the countries where we have property.

Once your mind has been made up, contact me, and then you and I will meet at Chileka Airport, or downtown Blantyre.

You will stay with me, and the purpose of this visit is for you to walk all over the estate where we have land for a cottage available.

You do realize that here "you" actually means you, your spouce and the troops.

Unless you are single and you fetch along the love of your life!

You and I will hike, camp, and then make GPS markings of the plot you want.

Anything up to 3 acres!

Now, the price we mentioned included everything. The land, the cottage, and a 20 feet hardwood boat.

Now, something else yet related.

If you want a few kilos of what is advertised in the main menu, a cottage will put you back at least $140000.00 in cash. Depending on the weight, of course. Should you want to learn more,  mention your particular interest when you contact me using the contact form below.

For this deal, or any other deal, bargain or job use the handy contact from.

Happy dreams!!