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 A private tour around the African continent?

You thought it impossible?

Thing is, if you really want to spoil the love of your life, you might very well consider this option of a private guided tour in and around as many African as you want, for as long as you want!

Just to be sure you understand what is happening here. The price you see at the shopping cart is only a deposit or key payment to establish your real interest in this product. You will be charged the amount both you and I agree on after discussions.

We offer you the opportunity to collect the love of your life, board our very luxurious, well appointed, fully equipped vehicle with a housekeeper, cook, driver, guide, and as per your personal liking, a card or roulette dealer.


By now you are thinking, bloody hell, this might cost me but what the hell, I can enjoy prime time with the love of my life and wake up each morning in a totally new and exotic area. 

Mobiles to fight for

Yep, you read right.

It all depends on what is you order from our very competitive tour mechanics.

We have a very, very large and extended menu.

In fact, our menu fills your head, and if you can think it or dream it, we can do it!

So there, tell us what it is what you want, need and desire, and we will fill your order exactly as you ordered, bit by bit.

So long it is legal!

You tell us your budget, time table, and the number of guests you want to take along on your journey to discover real living!

The entire package depends on your imagination, and your budget.

It is common knowledge that one cannot do stuff free, or on a hair string low budget.

When you inform us of what it is you want, and the time frames and of course the budget, we can calculate and offer you a budget quotation for the period.

Below is a typical example of a private tour.

In this scenario, the gentleman who ordered the tour had two ladies in the group.

He also indicated that he wants to invite four male friends at a destination four days from where we started to join the tour for a little shuffle of the cards. The invited male friends also had a lady friend each. They would stay with the tour for five days. Needless to mention it, we arrange flights, transport, visa’s, passports, and all the admin around fetching the party of eight from their appointed collecting venues to join our tour.

This group of twelve individuals (four booked initially, and eight joined four days later for five days) enjoyed our unique and one of a kind hospitality and went on their ways as contend as can be!

This tour was booked for four months, and we took care of all the visa’s, border taxes, declarations, and everything one need to take care of when travelling cross borders in Africa.

We took care of all their eating habits, special diets, and our in-house physician checked them daily for any ailment like flu or a scratch from a bush whist elephant or lion watching near Ngorongoro and a few mosquito bites while traversing Lake Malawi in Makoros!

We don’t ask, nor do we want to know if you are single, married, or any of the sorts.

We accept your declaration when you apply, and we accept whatever is written or stamped in your passport.

We have online banking facilities, thanks to modern technology.

We can evacuate you should the need arise due to any crisis at your home, or any illness or if you had enough and ant to get out as soon as possible.

We have full access to a managed helicopter, and this service will fetch you to the nearest airport, clinic, hospital, legal firm, or even if you want to go shop!

Yes, even if you want to go shop or anything you fancy, whenever you fancy!