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We have jobs, not employment at a mumber of spots. Thing is, when one work, one work for oneselve, and most certainly not for a Boss. A boss is something that sit stuck on the behind of a goat.


Just so you and I are on the same page here.

When you work at a job, you do stuff for another person, and the person you do it for stick his or her hand in a pocket or sack or bucket, retrieve a bundle of cash, and then gives it to you to thank you for the stuff you have done.

Before we get on with it, I am sure most of you job hunters knows all about the typical boss who wants to suck you dry for a pittance.

And then the bastard gets all pissed of when you tell him to shove it, because he thinks, in his simple and small mind, that he OWNS you!

The jobs we offer is based on what you disclose to us when we start to talk about a particular job. In a nuts hell, we give you all the leads, contacts, the what and where and why. You have to chew it, and if you like it, swallow. If not, get of, take your bicycle and be gone!

You will work for yourself, like being self employed. You will do the entire project, from start to finish,  and you will decide how much you want to put in your pocket.

Use the contact form below and tell us what you want, and if we have a spot, we will call you or email you.

We need someone to drive our heavy duty vehicle and we also need someone to deal cards for the blokes when they get serious about the poker game.

Then we need someone to make and market our biogas and biodiesel.

On top of those jobs, we have a bundle more jobs. We also aim to give jobs to those who are currently not working.

The aim is to have the largest workforce on the planet. And we can, if we can reach all the "unemployed"

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