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We offer very, very private, and very, very, exclusive tours to just about any destination in Africa for you and your favorite companion. We see nothing, say nothing, do nothing and we most certainly won't tell anyone as long as you don't tell anyone!

We arrange the best, the most private tour you could ever want to be on. And the tour can be for as long as you want it to be!

We have a very well appointed vehicle suitable for one, two or three couples or six persons.

We offer on-board card games, a little spinning wheel, and the best service and food you will ever find anywhere in the world!

All this is not free, as you already know.

We are here in business, and we provide a service to the individual/s who wants to break away from the regular day by day routine.

We travel all the way from where we collect you, perhaps somewhere in Pretoria or Johannesburg or even cape Town, to wherever you think you want us to stop and turn back to fetch you and your partner back where you want to be.

If you want to end your journey in Nairobi, we can and will do.

Of course, when you inquire, we will give you a complete run down of all the bits you need to know, have and the rest of it.

We will tell you about passports, visas, medication, travelling taxes and all you need to know.

And we will tell you a price!

Now, the price is very important, and so are the on-board EFT services.

But do fill out the contact form and hit SEND to learn more.

One thing, don't try to fish for info thinking you may be able to use the info to burn us.

Send real stuff, and make sure you give us the real ID number/s so we can check and see who is who.

It is for your and our safety.

Thank you!

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