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Introducing our Holiday of a Lifetime!

This is how the Holiday of a Lifetime works.

The Holiday team consists of 100 members of the public.

You may book the Holiday of a Lifetime for your own group, if you have 100 members who wants to partake in the Adventure of a Lifetime!

We have a complete village.

The village is an exact carbon copy of any village in the world.

We have a shopping center, a movie house, a road house, several restaurants, a police station, a detective department, a murder and robbery department, a number of “Criminals”, a jailhouse, linked to the police station, a courthouse, the regular Fried Chicken and Pizza parlors, a Casino, a taxi company, normal streets with normal homes, a clothing store, a liquor store, a gun shop, a clinic, a dentist, a hospital, a morgue, a swimming pool shop, a gym, a pre-school kindergarten, a school, a church, a working farm, a magic fishing spot, a skinny dip area, a lover’s hilltop parking area, airport, and more!

We have the lot!

 The Holiday of a Lifetime offers you the opportunity to man each station. From the Fried Chicken Shop to the Church, from the police Station to the Gym. You and your team, if you have selected 100 of your friendship circles or colleagues, have to opportunity to draw tickets to decide who will be what and when and where.

We have a ticket for each job or occupation in the village, from the taxi driver right up to the meanest murderer. You and the rest of the team will be initiated, and then draw a ticket each to decide who will be what.

Then, as per the ticket you drew, you will fill the occupation explained in the ticket you drew. For argument sake, if you have drawn the Junior Detective ticket, you must do and act and perform exactly like any junior detective anywhere in the world. If you draw the chief detective ticket, you need to act and behave and perform exactly like a regular Chief Detective.

 If you drew the Meanest Murderer ticket, you are going to have to plot the murder of the year and you are going to have to stay well ahead of the police force and all the detectives. If you drew the Magistrates ticket, you need to brush up on the law.

 I am sure you now understand the game we are going to play.

As with all our offers, please use the Contact Form and state what it is you wanting to learn more about.

The plot.

The team of 100 members will draw to decide who plays what, and the the teams within the team will plan and plot. The bankers will try to install all sorts of safety measures, the undertaker will get the coffins ready, and the baker will mind his bread, and try not to get involved with the robbing of the bookstore.

And so on.

And then we play out our plotted and planned crime and rescue scene.

The Game Structure.

30 Cottages, each with 4 on-suite bed rooms.

Each cottage comes with 4 on-suite bedrooms, garage, all the furniture, all the electrical appliances, carpets, rugs, cutlery, crockery, and a 20 feet hardwood boat.


30 Cottages, 30 shops, and obviously, 30 Owners.

Yes, 30 Cottages belongs to 30 individuals who in turn will "Own" a business in town. The business could be the pizza shop, the garage, the filling station, or even the police station. Each owner will have to recruit 4 individuals or 2 couples to occupy the 4 on-suite bedrooms. The owners will collectively have about 120 or perhaps a little more or less vsitors living in the homes.

The guest's will draw tickets to determine who plays what and where. The homeowners will be the shop owners for the duration of the game.

A grand theft or a mean murder will be plotted and devised by those who drew the crime tickets. Obviously the entire affaire is secret. Those who drew the crime tickets will not be aware of any of the others, unless some eejit tell.

Each visitor will pay for their holiday.

Each home owner buy the cottages which remains his or her property for life.

Each home owner share handsomely in the fare paid by the occupants of his or her cottage.

The ultimate goal of the Holiday Game is for the winning couple to receive two times their initial payment for the Holiday Package

Meaning, if you have paid as a couple, $20,000.00 you get back in cash $40,000.00!!!

And you have enjoyed the best a venture of your life.

Use the contact form below to learn more!